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Quality Engineered Wood Products for More Than 30 Years

Bear Truss has been doing business for over 30 years. Ken Luneack bought Bear Truss in 1982, and has since survived a fire that destroyed the facility in the winter of 1993. Bear Truss built a new facility with state of the art technology during the following summer. Bear Truss has also added a new facility in Northern Michigan in order to serve the Michigan constuction industry even better. Our sales staff has over 200 years of combined experience along with our design staff having over 100 years of experience. We have sales people that work with lumber yards and assist builders throughout Michigan.


Bear Truss offers a complete line of floor trusses, roof trusses, I Joist, LVL beams, columns, and wall panels from the simplest to the most complicated design. We do both residential and commercial projects; our sales staff regularly meet with builders and architects to provide assistance beginning from preliminary design to project completion. We offer jobsite delivery on special order trusses. Our state of the art equipment with precise laser accuracy ensures the customer a quality product. Combined with our service and expertise, Bear Truss will continue to be the leader in the building component industry. We at Bear Truss strive to build the best products in the building industry. We stand behind all of our work. We serve well to serve again!

Roof Trusses

No order is too big or too small from a small ranch home to a large commercial building. We combine our state of the art equipment with our own roll off trailers and our own tractors to make our job site deliveries.
  • Custom design and fabrication to customers plans
  • Trusses of all types (Common, Hip, Attic, Scissor, etc.)
  • Trusses with a span of up to 90′
  • Trusses up to 14′ tall before pig tops are required
  • Sheathed gables available
  • Hip caps for dropped down hip ends available
  • Valley trusses available

Floor Trusses

Our engineered floor trusses can accommodate any configuration, from clear spanning industrial spaces with our ridged floor trusses and steel beams to residential housing with our full line of Boise Cascade engineered wood products.
  • Wood webbed floor trusses up to 24″ depth and 40′ length
  • Mechanical chases available
  • Lined up webs for easier access
  • Stair openings designed into floor system


It takes more than a pretty product to make the cut at Bear Truss. We’ve partnered with the industry’s leading manufacturers in order to provide you with superior performance, protection, and competitive pricing. Our I-joists have immense strength and will not bend, split or bow like other types of lumber.
  • Highest quality I-Joist available
  • Dimensional stability helps eliminate warping, twisting & shrinking that can lead to squeaky floors
  • Light weight & comes in long lengths, making installation faster & easier, saving time & money
  • Installation Guide


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